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Nested Mini Diamonds - 1 - 4 inch diamonds

HMQT-NMD04 - Clear Acrylic - 3/16 inch acrylic

Stitch a 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch diamonds with sharp points easily using this template. The inside collection works similar to our nested tools. By adding and subtracting rings to the wand portion of the tool, one template can create multiple designs. Laser cut from 3/16 inch acrylic with 8 etched registration lines. Specifically designed to be used for Template/Ruler work. Safe on some Low Shank Home machines with the appropriate ruler foot attached. Make sure your ruler foot will clear 3/16 acrylic and/or cannot hop on top of it. If either of these can occur, consider using a different thickness of acrylic (see our thicker 1/4 inch templates).

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Nested Mini Diamonds