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Machine Quilting Templates (aka rulers) are laser cut from clear 1/4 inch acrylic. These tools are designed to enhance a quilters ability to lay down accurate repeatable design lines, fill, block and border designs. These tools are safe on Long-, Mid- and Short-arm machines (both stand-up and sit-down) and High Shank Home machines with the appropriate ruler foot. Be sure your ruler foot can clear 1/4 inch acrylic. If not, consider using a thinner acrylic; 3/16 inch acrylic (Home Machine Quilting Tools) or 1/8 inch acrylic (Design Tools) templates.


Now available in 1/4" acrylic for use on Longarms or High Shank Home Machines. Designed by Linda Theilfoldt of The Quilted Goose, the Spine/Vine Tool Collection can be used to create a scalloped edge on a quilt or to put a spine in a border. Comes in four sizes with two different size waves on each template. Also available in 1/8" acrylic. See Design/Drawing Tools

Machine Quilting Tools