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Nested Diamonds - 1 inch to 6 inch sides

QR-DIA - Clear Acrylic - 1/8 inch thick

Now with Fabric Gripping Action® and EZ2C® Lines
Fabric Gripping Action® aids in keeping the tool in place while machine quilting around it. Our EZ2C® Lines are visible on a very wide range of colors and patterns.

6 nested diamond templates starting at a 1 inch sides going up to a 6 inch sides. Digitally printed with EZ2C® 8 registration lines, laser cut from 1/8 inch acrylic, with the bottom coated with our Fabric Gripping Action®. Actual diamond sizes are: 1 inch sides, 2 inch sides, 3 inch sides, 4 inch sides, 5 inch sides, and 6 inch sides. The diamond has a 60 degree on top and bottom and 120 degree on either side. Can be used on most Low Shank Home machines with the appropriate ruler foot attached. By adding or removing the diamond rings, (and using a ruler foot) you can stitch against the template to create different diamonds. Make sure your ruler foot cannot hop on top of 1/8 inch acrylic. If it can, consider using a thicker acrylic (see our 1/4 inch diamond templates). Ideal for cutting and/or drawing around.

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Nested Diamonds