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40 inch T-Square - 3 inches wide x 45 inches long

SFT40I - 1/4 inch clear acrylic

Now with Fabric Gripping Action® and EZ2C® Lines
Fabric Gripping Action® aids in keeping the tool in place while machine quilting around it. Our EZ2C® Lines are visible on a very wide range of colors and patterns.

The 3 inch wide ruler attaches to a separate T-Head to allow a 45 degree at one end or 90 degree angle at the opposite end. Use the ruler to measure and/or cut up to 40 inches long. Works in conjunction with all 40 inch deep MegaMats for a custom cutting system. Digitally printed with EZ2C® registration lines with the bottom coated with our Fabric Gripping Action®, then laser cut from ¼ inch acrylic. Can be used with or without the head. Also available in a 48" length.

1 - $43.80


40 inch T-Square