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Grippy Non-Slip Coating - 3.81 oz can


Grippy is the perfect coating to put on all your rulers for precise cutting. Grippy is a fantastic aid to cut your fabric strips or for all your quilting templates. Grippy is so easy to use while machine quilting: a simple pressure on the template and the template does not move, allowing for perfect quilting every time.
1. Shake well. 2. Spray a thin layer from 8 inches away. Grippy is slightly white and becomes translucent while drying. 3. After 1 minute of drying, the non-slip ruler is ready for use.
TIP: The thinner the layer, the more the product is transparent. For more non-slip effect, apply a second coat. Grippy can be removed with Odif DK5 Cleaner. Mediums: Plastic, Glass, Paper, Carpet, Wood.

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Grippy Non-Slip Coating