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African Porcupine Quills - Unpackaged 6" - 8" long


One end sharp and pointy, usable as a stiletto. The other blunt end is useful for multiple applications. Won't scratch delicate sewing machine surfaces like metal awls. Easy to hold and handle like a pencil. Strong natural fiber won't melt under heat of an iron like other manufacturers' items could. Pointy end used like a pin to hold or feed fabrics through sewing machine when stitching. The blunt end is great for 'poking' out corners. Great for opening mail as well as hundreds of other uses you will discover yourself! A beautiful hair accessory. Use one or two to make interesting sticks to hold long hair in a twisted knot or bun. Keep one by the sewing machine(s), serger, ironing area, in your basic sewing kit, in your many uses! Quite the conversation piece, too! African porcupines are so much bigger than the North American variety that it's like comparing a piglet to a boar. These are collected mindfully and ecologically. Naturally shed - similar to when we shed our hair, a few at a time - without any harm to the animals. They are collected respectfully. The Africans use these quills to make beads, for fetishes, and as tools. In demand by decorators, crafters, and other artisans. Due to their nature no two are alike.

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African Porcupine Quills